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Why Do You Serve Him?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

1 Peter 3:15, "But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect"

If you were asked why you serve God, what would your answer be?

The referenced bible passage tells us that as Christians, we must be prepared to answer anyone that ask us why we have hope in God. Personally, when this question came to my mind, I had to ponder a little and ask myself "why do you really serve God?", is it because my parents told me it’s the right thing to do? or because someone else told me about the reason why they serve God? Either ways, have I taken out the time to find out the why behind my service. Even if I was introduced by someone else, If I did not have a personal conviction, then how would I continue in my place of service or be a good disciple?

I think this is a very important question for Christians', because it makes us more intentional once we discover the why behind our service. Understanding the why behind our service keeps us focused especially when storm arises.

I remember when I stopped writing, and the Holy Spirit asked me to remember the reason why I serve God. Sometimes, when we place our service on our selfish motives, we are unable to bring ourselves to the place of surrender. We immediately equate our service with what we may get in return. It is no surprise that at our weakest point in life, we always find ourselves running back to God for answers, and He is always willing to reunite with us. But do we act the same way when God require us to serve Him? Do we do it because we love and reverence Him, or are we doing it just to gain something in return? when we place a prize on our service, we begin to serve from a place of entitlement. And the problem with that is, if we do not receive what we think we are entitled to, we stop or even worse, become resentful.

Today, God wants us to understand the reason why we serve Him because in doing so, we are able to hold on to that understanding whenever there's a storm that shakes our life. We must remember that God is our safe place, He is our protector, our provider, our resting place. But, He also requires us to serve others for His good here on earth.

Take time to discover why you serve God, if it is just a religious belief, then it becomes a routine, something we just check off the box for the day. And when we do this, we are unable to build a deeper relationship with God.

I pray that we are patient enough to wait on God whenever He calls us into service, I also pray for humility and love to serve Him and others with all our heart and resources. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Salvation Prayer: If you stumbled on this blog and you do not know this "God" I write about, but you feel a leading in your spirit to know more. Well, Welcome! God loves you and has led you here for a reason. If you desire to build a relationship with Him, the first step is to say this prayer below:

	Lord Jesus, I come today as a sinner.
 I know that I have turned away from You several times.
 Today, I confess and repent of all my sins, 
 I believe You died for me and rose again,			
 I ask that Your precious Blood purify my life.
 I ask that You change me, renew me and lead me. 
	Become my Lord and personal Savior.
 Now, I am yours and I am Born Again.
 Thank you Lord for saving me. Amen.

Congratulations, the Bible tells us that every time someone gives their life to God, there is a celebration in heaven over that person, you are loved and celebrated at this moment and forever. Amen!

Next steps: I urge you to find a church to join, you may also reach out via the Contact section if you have any questions, we would love to help you with your walk with Christ. God loves you!

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