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God's Time is Now

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Romans 8:30: And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.

2 Corinthians 5:7: For we live by faith, not by sight.

Proverbs 16:9: In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

Have you ever had a strong desire in your heart, almost like a burden or a leading in your spirit to do something, and you cannot shake it off? That's exactly how I felt before I started this blog.

In 2020, the Holy Spirit started ministering to me and I was writing everything in a notebook.

I thought it was for my sole benefit. But one day, I felt a leading in my spirit to share the things I had written, my first reaction was, "I thought these words were suppose to encourage me in my downtime. I mean, I'm still working on half of these things, what if I stumble?". I had a hundred more similar fear driven questions. So, I brushed it off, but the burden became stronger, and stronger. The stronger the burden became, the farther I walked away from it. At some point, I even stopped writing and continued with life. But God knows me more than I know myself and He kept leading me.

So in order for me to continue in my disobedience I came up with the perfect excuse "I am waiting on God's time", and whenever the Holy Spirit convicted me, I would say "well, I am waiting on Your timing". One day, I was having a conversation with a group of people and someone said something that changed my perspective. He said "God's time is now", God has spoken to you about it, He has given you specific instructions, so what else are you waiting for? I immediately felt a tension in my spirit and I knew that was a confirmation from God.

Trusting God’s Timing

In this world, there are two types of people; the fearful and the courageous. And everyday, you decide who you would be. Do you want to walk by faith or do you want to continue making excuses? it's up to you!

God has said, I have given you a spirit of boldness. As Christians when we let our fears stop us from doing what God has instructed us to do, it simply means we do not trust Him. We magnify our fears and whenever we magnify something, it becomes our reality. That's why the Bible says, "oh magnify the Lord and exalt his name", because by magnifying God in our lives, we are turning our hearts to the unvarying love He has for us and nothing else matters. We cannot claim to love God, if we do not trust Him and we cannot obey who we do not trust.

That's why the Bible tells us to renew our minds daily because we are continuously at war with our flesh. We must draw closer and have a relationship with God and choose to walk by faith daily. It is okay to take baby steps as long as you are walking towards God’s plan for your life, He will definitely equip you. All He wants is your partnership, He wants you to team up with Him and He will hold your hand and walk with you.

Obeying God's Timing

Sometimes it's not even about our purpose, it may be a simple act of obedience, like calling that friend first, going to that church, serving in that ministry or helping that person. It could be a simple instruction that God has given us but we become so reluctant and we begin to rationalize things to the point of disobedience. The interesting part is that we forget that we have not obeyed the last instruction God gave us and then we go back to God for new instructions. But God leads us in stages, He will not give the next instruction if we have not obeyed the last one. Our next instruction will always flow from the obedience of our last instruction, it is a journey!.

Also, when we are quick in obeying God we become very sensitive to how He speaks to us and become familiar with His voice. So when the next instruction comes we will not doubt the voice speaking to us.

A logical example, is a lady that went to a store and the Holy Spirit instructed her to tell the cashier that God loves her. She had no clue why she needed to tell the lady that, but she obeyed. Apparently, the cashier needed a word from God. She had prayed to God that morning that He speaks to her. So that served as a confirmation to her that God heard her prayers. Imagine if that lady disobeyed, I mean ideally God would have sent someone else but she would have missed out on being an instrument of God. What if she said well, I will come back tomorrow and tell her because I'm not sure it's the right time. But that would have been late because the cashier needed the word that day.

When God instructs us to move, we must move immediately because at that very point there is someone at the other side that has been praying for that thing God has instructed us to do. We cannot negotiate God's timing with Him, we do not even know what He is doing, so how can we tell Him what the right time is? God is very strategic, remember while the Israelites were praying for God to deliver them from the Egyptians, God was preparing the solution - Moses.

Next time you try to rationalize God's timing, you should change your perspective and ask yourself, what if that thing you have been praying for is in the hands of someone that is presently sitting in disobedience. The reality is even if even God will always send someone else, it doesn't change the fact that the disobedience of that person delayed your answer.

I pray for God's grace and strength to work in partnership with Him!

Salvation Prayer: If you stumbled on this blog and you do not know this "God" I write about, but you feel a leading in your spirit to know more. Well, Welcome! God loves you and has led you here for a reason. If you desire to build a relationship with Him, the first step is to say this prayer below:

	 Lord Jesus, I come today as a sinner.
	 I know that I have turned away from You several times.
	 Today, I confess and repent of all my sins, 
	 I believe You died for me and rose again,			
	 I ask that Your precious Blood purify my life.
	 I ask that You change me, renew me and lead me. 
	 Become my Lord and personal Savior.
	 Now, I am yours and I am Born Again.
	 Thank you Lord for saving me. Amen.

Congratulations, the Bible tells us that every time someone gives their life to God, there is a celebration in heaven over that person, you are loved and celebrated at this moment and forever. Amen!

Next steps: I urge you to find a church to join, you may also reach out via the Contact section if you have any questions, we would love to help you with your walk with Christ. God loves you!

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